DJ Koncept with his debut release ' Belfast to Auckland '

ft. Stash & Steve Loc + Seaz remix on side A. Accompanied by custom skipless scratch tools on side B

DJ Koncept with his debut release 'Belfast to Auckland' ft. Stash & Steve Loc pressed onto a slick 7" premium vinyl with bonus track remix from Seaz on the B side + custom skipless scratch tools of your favourite Belfast hoodlum.

DJ Koncept ' Belfast to Auckland 'ft. Stash & Steve Loc Official Video

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  • Side A - Belfast to Auckland / Belfast to Auckland (Seaz remix)

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  • About

  • DJ KONCEPT (N Ireland / New Zealand)

  • Sideshow KUTS International & Host Of Funk The Bar Worldwide New Zealand.

  • Bio : In 10 years the extaordinarily talented Northern Irish turntablist DJ Koncept has acquired an impressive résumé of DJ titles and a reputation that can place himamongst the finest turntable technicians in the UK. Undoubtedly he was 'born to scratch' which in this case isn't just a cliché, as his parents often caught him as an infant spinning vinyls on the living room record player which would serve as the embryotic stages of his passion for DJ'ing. This continued into his early teens when he attempted to create his own mixes with a stereo hi-fi using his dad's old vinyls, in particular the album "Malcolm McLaren - Duck Rock" which included the song "Buffalo Gals" a 1980's hip hop single composed of extensive scratching. This exposure to turntablist music at such a young age was profoundly influential to his DJ career.

DJ Koncept : Exclusive Turntablist Routine for SSK TV *
His enthusiasm inevitably led him to purchasing a set of Nu-Mark TT100 Turntables and entering his first DJ competition three months later "Sprite Show Us Your Moves" in Belfast where he won first prize in spite of a lack of experience, demonstrating his natural ability on the decks. This started his love affair with DJ battles and encouraged him to enhance his turntablist skills, taking influence from legendary DMC Champions such as Rob Swift, Roc Raida, DJ Klever, Mix Master Mike & DJ Qbert. While spending some time in Brooklyn, New York he was also given a unique opportunity to work in 'FatBeats' which is regarded by many as the best hiphop record store in the world. This gave him access to the cream of the crop in hiphop vinyls and helped him develop an edge over other DJ's from back home by learning skills from American Turntablists. He also played his first major gig opening up for emcee's J-Zone and Louis Logic in the 'Knitting Factory.' Being turntablism oriented his music style is diverse and he does not restrict himself to any single genre playing anything from HipHop, BigBeat, Dubstep and Drum'n'Bass. He adapted to such variation while collaborating with local DJ's in his hometown of Bangor DJ Converter, DJ R:Monix and DJ Plus-side. Together they formed the 'Northern Alliance Crew' and staged their own monthly nights from 2003 - 2006 in the 'First Port' (now called 'Rabbit Rooms') which was an overwhelming success as it gave a much needed injection of alternative and anti-commercial music to the Bangor nightlife. This also gave him a platform to network with other promoters and gained him massive recognition on the Northern Irish club scene, supporting various well known acts such as DJ Q-Bert, DJ Klever, DJ Craze, DJ Woody, Foreign Beggars, DJ Netik, Skinnyman, DJ A-Trak, Beardyman & JFB and many more....
After annihilating the competition at the 'Skye LRG DJ Competition' in Belfast he was selected to be part of 'Urban Fame Academy' in Birmingham for the BBC alongside 15 up and coming acts in the UK such as Ben Geffin now of the highly successful group 'JackBeats' and Chris Polglase aka 'The Jungle Drummer' who was part of Drum'n'Bass outfit 'London Elektricity.' His most notable successes on the mainland however consist of DJ battles such as being a runner-up in the '2006 European Gong Battle' and winning his DMC heats in Newcastle 2005 & London 2011. Koncept relocated to Belfast. He had a radio slot on Northern Ireland's most popular urban station 'Skank FM', and could be found frequently appearing at 'Funkarama' DJ'ing with other top urban DJ's. He also gained a residency for 'RAMP RAGE' providing music for skaters, bmxers, free runners and b-boys in T13 and at other demos they are involved with around the country. Furthermore, Koncept had started running his own night with local beatboxer Cull, called "vinyl combat' and could regularly be found at many other events around the city and beyond!
Currently DJ Koncept is located in Auckland, New Zealand. He is already ranked 3rd in the Australasia IDA DJ competition in two years he has been here. He also plays on local radio station 'Base FM' with his brother 'Albert Wesker' every Saturday night 12-2am. They play a mixture of breakbeat music, mainly Hip Hop and Drum n Bass/Jungle. Koncept also holds down a monthly residency with 'Mista Ed' (Bomb hip hop) for club night 'Wildstyle' on the first Friday of every month in Cassette Nine. Koncept can also be found playing at various events around the country! The future looks bright for this talented DJ, watch this space!
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