Funky Family Vol 2 放克家族派對第二彈!TAIWAN

Funky Family Vol 2 放克家族派對第二彈!TAIWAN - Get Ready - Sideshow KUTS (Worldwide), Soul Amazin' Music (Taiwan) & Triangle (Taiwan) The Soul, Sweat and Swank Show! proud to present the second Edition Funk phenomenon in Taipei. ' FUNKY FAMILY ' Triangle(台灣) x Sideshow KUTS(全球) x Soul Amazin' Music (台灣) 非常驕傲地為您聯合呈現我們全新每月的放克潮流第一波!

A whole night entirely dedicated to bring you everything that you've always loved in Funk music, from classic anthems, to rare gems, to new remixes and mash-ups, featuring every month the best DJs and Funkers in town. Get your dancing shoes and funky pants on, bring your friends, mom, sisters and lovers and be ready to Get Up Offa That Thing! 我們將帶給你一整晚那些你最愛的放克音樂,從經典曲目、珍藏好歌到全新混音,每個月都會邀請最棒的放克DJ來放歌給對音樂最挑剔又愛跳舞的你。趕快把你跳舞的鞋子拿