Nobodi da Vinylist 

(AKA Moritz Onthekut)

Mönchengladbach Germany

Producer / Turntablist / DJ Tools Creator

Genre: Funk / Breaks / Unspoiled HipHop
Label: Onthekut Records
Mostly jamming on different spots as an turntable artist
like Jamkantine / Scratch Cologne / LoFa Latenight...
Not that classical DJ so rarely spinnin in clubs

Nobodi posts regular scratch videos and beats on Facebook and always gets positive responses from the scratch community. His innovative, funky fresh style stands out and inspires many DJs.

NOBODI Started Scratching at 17 years oldAs a little boy (6 or 7 years old) he scratched up his fathers records. 10 years later he visited a friend and he had turntables and a battle mixer in his bedroom.

He toldNobodi “I am a DJ, look at this…”

He did some baby scratches & transforms.

IAnd Nobodi said “let me try this out…”


1 year later he had the money for my first turntable and stopped doing graffiti and rapping and just practiced  cuts.


Back in the days Nobodo started like everybody else disdd when i came to the art Of Scrsatching records and started with a baby scratch.

Later some stabs & transforms.

he stresses " i think this is the most important; “the basics”.

Everytime “start from scratch”.

When my chips are not clean, I have to do it slower and work it out.

My first challenge was the transform scratch. I tried to do it very fast but it was too fast for me

2 or 3 years later I start to try some 2 click flares. This was a nice experience.

From this day on my scratch style changed dramatically.

Sometimes I practice every single technique, but most of the practice time I try to combine all my cuts “freestyle”.

Freestyle is a good way to find some new things.

2 or 3 years back I did a crab scratch combo and I never seen or heard this before.

You know I was just freestyling and I did something that I don’t know.

The best way to learn is “having fun”.

Search for a beat you like and and just scratch.

Scratching or “music” is a great thing to connect people. It’s very different to scratch alone or with some one else.

Everybody know this table talk like :

“how do you do this one” or “make it slow for me”.

Turntablism is like a family.

I met a lot of dj’s and tablists are always nice guys.

Biggest inspirations and influence for Nobodi Da Vinylist are guitar players of the 60’s & 70’s like:

Jimi Hendrix, Richie Blackmoore, Eric Clapton, Santana, Gary Moore, Chuck Berry, Jeff Healey, Marcus Miller, Joe Satriani and many more.

this kind of stuff are his roots.

Another influence is “funk music”.

Slaped bass guitars and wahwah pedal sounds like “wakka wakka waw”. A funky wahwah riff sounds like a chirp scratch to him

Favourite Scratch DJs?

  • D-styles

  • Klever

  • Craze

  • Q-bert

  • P-trix

  • Rafik

  • Unkut

  • Shortkut

  • Ritchie Ruftone

  • Babu

  • Vinroc

  • Roc Raida

  • Rob Swift

  • Primecuts

  • Plus One

Just to name a few.

 Nobodi's prefered Music genre is mostly funk breaks / hip hop / nu funk  & ghetto funk mixing & cutting it up in true turntablist & hip-hop fashion and is not great fan of Pop & Mainstream and would rather leave his needles at home than to be put into a position in club or bar and play this kind of style.

A True Artist and humble one of that please check out some of his music,mixes,tracks & links to get to no Nobodi Da Vinylis a little more.

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