S S K   R e c o r d i n g s  

 digitals single  RELEASE DATE:  01.02.18 


by sideshowkuts

         DJ CRIMINAL

DJ, Artist & Co-founder of Sideshow KUTS


DJ CRIMINAL started  his music career at the age of 8 when he stole his older brother’s Led Zeppelin CD set. After receiving a beat down from his brother, his brother then let him listen to Led Zeppelin’s other albums. Criminal immediately took up the drums then shortly after the guitar. Wanting to learn every instrument possible his interest in sound found two belt-drive turntables come his sophomore year of high-school. During High School he played first started to perform at raves and small clubs nights in his native town of Pittsburgh. He started his own radio show at a local college and then moved to Florida to study sound engineering.



After studying at University Criminal found himself living in Minneapolis. While in Minneapolis he was able to intern with some of Hip-Hop’s finest working professionals. He spent his days at a record label and his nights in a studio. After five winters in Minnesota, weeklies, monthlies, album features, tours and performing at The Vans Warped tour and Scribble Jam Criminal moved to South East Asia where he has been working since. 

His career has spanned the globe from the US to Tokyo and beyond. He has deejayed during earthquakes and radio-active meltdowns in Japan, survived tsunamis and shark infested waters in the South Pacific, performed during monsoons and state-of-emergencies on several continents. Criminal brings a wordly wealth of experience to speakers wherever he is booked keeping listeners entertained literally across the globe. 

Criminal currently resides in Bangkok, is a founding member of the global DJ crew Sideshow Kuts who can be found rocking the rooftops of Bangkok, luxury resorts of Phuket and Samui and Macau the Las Vegas of Asia.

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