Hailing from London UK, DJ J-Cue touched down in Beijing China in 2004. and decided to make Beijing his home! 12 years on, and the tranformation has been an Epic one to say the least!

With over 20 years experience rocking parties, radio and battling under his belt, J-Cue is now widely considered to be the undisputed Number One Turntable party rocker in Asia!

He has held down a 10 year residency at China’s most famous super club. MIX! and during that time travelled all over
Europe, The Middle East and the Asian region performing as a guest DJ in places like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Korea, Macau, Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland, Dubai, Bahrain etc.
J-Cue has Successfully completed several Asian and European Club Tours!
Not just a DJ! but also a personality, an MC, and a highly skilled and respected turntablist!

Previous celebrity clubbers entertained by J-Cue have included
DMX, Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Entire Miami Heat squad, AND1 StreetBall Team, Lil Jon, Sean Kingston, DJ UNK, Ron Artest, T-Pain, Jada Pinkett,
Scotty Pippin, Dj Felli Fel, Beyonce,
and a host of other NBA and music industry stars

From his simple beginnings in East London to his now star studded status J-Cue has taken his brand of party rocking
worldwide having played all over Europe and Asia and continues to push his boundaries far and wide!
His musical style is rooted in the foundations of Djs from the early days of the HipHop movement.
He has drawn inspiration from such legends as Grandmaster Flash, Dj Jazzy Jeff, and Cash Money to name a few.
Musicals styles include Hip-hop, electro, dubstep, trap, rock, pop and just about anything that will make the crowd go crazy!
These days J-Cue is considered to be one of the most respected multi genre veterans who doesn’t allow himself to stand still when it comes to what’s hot in the clubs!. A truly versatile selector who never fails to deliver on the highest level! 

J-Cue first discovered his passion for Hip-hop and rap music at the age of around 14 while living in Ireland. He was in his bedroom one evening after school feeling bored and started flicking through the AM dial on the radio and totally by accident
came across Tim Westwood’s Capital radio show. Songs were being played from artists he had never heard of but the music really grabbed him! The beats, the lyrics, the delivery, the flow, he loved it all! Hip-hop music was more or less unheard of where he grew up, but he spent the next hour glued to his radio and did the same thing every week on the same night from then on!

He decided to get together with two friends from school and organized an end of term school party at a local function hall and hired some really basic dj equipment using his weekend part-time job money! He even hired the records from a local established dj and had to pay ridiculously high fees for them incase he damaged them. They promoted that party at all the schools within a 50 mile radius and organized buses to and from the event to transport people.

It was a huge success! And that’s when he decided he wanted to be a dj!

1996 saw J-Cue perform his first out of bedroom gig warming up for London’s kiss 100 fm DJ Nicky smoove. He spent the next few years doing several parties around London, gaining experience and polishing his skills as a DJ under the guidance of south east London’s DJ ATL. Along the way he discovered Turntablism via some dmc videos DJ ATL showed him and immediately got hooked!

It wasn’t long before J-Cue started securing regular residencies in and around the London area and hosted a regular Sunday afternoon hip-hop radio show on London’s urban fresh fm! 3 till 6pm. from 2002 to 2004.
Moved to Beijing in 2004, took up a residency at Club Mix Beijing within the first two months of arriving, having worked
several other smaller clubs and bars prior to this.

Since 2004 J-Cue has spent the past twelve years holding down his residency at MIX Beijing and various regular monthly and annual guest appearances all over China, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. 

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