DJ Criminal, originally from America, has spent the last 8 years  playing shows and collecting vinyl all over the globe. Egypt, Thailand, Macau, Dubai; This guy has played literally everywhere.




Sideshow KUTS Worldwide Artist Network U.S.A

Criminal is a co-founder of worldwide DJ crew Side Show Kuts  (Winner of Breakspoll 2015). You can find his entirely self-produced album “Samples & Marbles” out SOON


Hip-Hop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Breaks, Turntablism.

He has spent the past year producing songs with some of Hip Hop’s most well known MCs, from Kool Keith (“Dr. Octagon”) to Gift of Gab of Blackalicious. Criminal has performed at large festivals, such as Scribble Jam and The Vans Warped Tour. His first releases came out on MR. DIBBS’ label Selfcore Records. He’s DJ’d with Prince Whipper Whip, appeared in Public Enemy videos, performed during earthquakes, coups, state of emergencies, tsunamis and radioactive meltdowns. He has toured extensively in the Americas and Asia; currently, the Middle East has seen him performing at hotspots in Cairo, Dubai and Bahrain.

Criminal has lent his talents in the studio, engineering and performing on releases by underground hip-hop heavyweights Atmosphere, Eyedea and P.O.S.. His ear for music and remixes coupled with his scratching and DJing capabilities has been earning him gigs worldwide.

                                       Criminal is a co-founder of worldwide DJ crew Side Show Kuts  (Winner of Breakspoll 2015). You can find his entirely self-produced album “Samples & Marbles” out  Now.

DJ Criminal started his music career at the age of 8 when he stole his older brother’s Led Zeppelin CD set. After receiving a beat down from his brother, his brother then let him listen to Led Zeppelin’s other albums. Criminal immediately took up the drums then shortly after the guitar. Wanting to learn every instrument possible his interest in sound found two belt-drive turntables come his sophomore year of high-school. During High School he played first started to perform at raves and small clubs nights in his native town of Pittsburgh. He started his own radio show at a local college and then moved to Florida to study sound engineering.

After studying at University Criminal found himself living in Minneapolis. While in Minneapolis he was able to intern with some of Hip-Hop’s finest working professionals. He spent his days at a record label and his nights in a studio. After five winters in Minnesota, weeklies, monthlies, album features, tours and performing at The Vans Warped tour and Scribble Jam Criminal moved to South East Asia where he has been working since. 

His career has spanned the globe from the US to Tokyo and beyond. He has deejayed during earthquakes and radio-active meltdowns in Japan, survived tsunamis and shark infested waters in the South Pacific, performed during monsoons and state-of-emergencies on several continents. Criminal brings a wordly wealth of experience to speakers wherever he is booked keeping listeners entertained literally across the globe. 


RELEASES DJ Criminal The Diamond Criminal (Sideshow Kuts 2014) Clint Beastwood (Sideshow Kuts 2014) Music4GIL ( Self Released 2010) Visa Run (Self Core records 2009) Phuket Sin Mix ( Real Sound Thailand 2008 ) Live in Minneapolis (Self Core records 2006) COMPILATIONS Easy on the Cut 3 (Side Show Kuts 2012) “Scratching Tigers” HipHop Bangkok ( Giallani Records 2007) “Bangkok Gra Run” Revenge is a Slow Burn ( SelfCore Records 2005) “Outro” Lost Souls Compilation (Galatic Dust 2003) “Hermit Company” ft. Felix of Heiruspecs STUDIO CREDITS Atmosphere (Rhymesayers 2005) “You can’t imagine how much fun we’re having” Assistant Engineer / Musician Atmosphere (Rhymesayers 2005) “The Fun EP” Happy Clown Bad Dub 8 Assistant Engineer / Musician Felt 2 ( Rhymesayers 2005) “A tribute to Lisa Bonet” Assistant Engineer / Assassin P.O.S. (Rhymesayers 2005) “Audition” Assistant Engineer / Vocalist DJ Nikoless (Rhymesayers 2004) “This is where you got it from” Engineer and Mastering Los Nativos (Rhymesayers 2004) “Redstar Fist EP” Photographer


NOTABLE SHOWS (2012 – Present) Dj Criminal - Vent Cairo Egypt – March 21st 2015 Vinyl Nightmare – Jam Art Gallery Bangkok – November 24th 2014 The Diamond Criminal Release Party – Jam Art Gallery - Bangkok – Sept 5th 2014 DJ Scratch Seminar – Tha Beatlounge RCA - Bangkok – August 10th 2014 Side Show Kuts Party – Kam Pek Casino - Macau China – July 12th 2014 Wall Street Institute 3rd year anniversary at WSI - Rangsit– March 24th 2014 Boat Party at Chalong Peir – Phuket - Janurary 10th 2014 The Payback 3 at Jam art Gallery – Bangkok – June 15th 2013 Unspoken Dialogue at Jam Art Gallery – Bangkok – June 1st 2013 Funk Soul Brother at Pullman G - Bangkok – May 17th 2013 Vinyl Café Hip Hop Party at Real Sound - Phuket – April 13th 2013 MTV Party at Xana Beach Club - Phuket – April 12th 2013 The Payback 2 at Jam art Gallery - Bangkok - March 26th 2013 The Payback at Jam Art Gallery – Bangkok – February 27th 2013 American Chamber of Commerce 2nd year Anniversary party at Imperial Queen Park - Bangkok –Feb 15th 2013 New Years Eve at Ao Prao Resort – Koh Samet- December 31st 2012 Xmas Hip Hop Show at Nest - Bangkok – December 15th 2012 Pullman G sessions – Pattaya Pullman Hotel – October 6th 2012

Criminal currently resides in Bangkok, is a founding member of the global DJ crew Sideshow Kuts who can be found rocking the rooftops of Bangkok, luxury resorts of Phuket and Samui and Macau the Las Vegas of Asia. 

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