Da Groove Brothers

history begins in 2015 when

Dj Lexmerk and Phil Da Groove decided to join forces after years of friendship and collaborations.

Together they dj the

best black dance music of all time; from 70s raw Funk to Nu Disco going through Classic Disco Music,
80s Boogie, Golden Era Rap,

soulful Acid Jazz and 90s R&B.

In their sessions they always add a turntablism touch cutting and scratchin on the wheels of steel while interacting with the crowd and rapping on the mic. 

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Dj Lexmerk is part of turntablism history in Spain: 2003 DMC Spanish Champion with Fünkdamental Noize, Lexmerk has left his scratchings in some of best’s spanishs rap albums (Le Flaco, Bako, El Apodado el Ese, H Mafia, Eternia Non Players...), also has been performing in some of the most important festivals (Viña Rock or Zaragoza Ciudad). In 2004 he brings out his first lp “Situaziones Komplicadas” and more recently has launched “Se te va a partir el Cuello” a


Phil Da Groove

Black music freak collector since his early years, Phil Da Groove started djing rap, disco and funk in 1989 developing since then his turntablism skills.
Well known mc, his music has been included in the best spanish rap compilations. Also has been collaborating in black music magazines as AfroXpress, Hip Hop Nation, Hip Flow or Revista DeeJay.